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The Jack Frost Auto Museum is located in Washington, Michigan on the former residence of Jack A. Frost, an electrical supplier/manufacturer of the early 19th century, who actively produced lighting and power accessories for the automotive and motion picture industries. After bravely serving in World War 1, Mr. Frost built his home and orchard at the current location of the Auto Museum in Washington, Michigan.

Jack Frost was a personal friend of many of the industrial revolutions top brass, including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.  He was also an active member of international automotive clubs.

Unlike the character of folklore, Frost was a warm, kind-hearted person who had a love for autos and maintained select vintage vehicles at his home in Macomb County.

Today, The Jack Frost Museum has a few of these vintage vehicles along with a growing collection of muscle cars, many of which are for sale.  The museum is also home to The Jack Frost Jeep Haus, an auto repair/restoration garage that offers complete car care services for all vehicles, but specializes in Jeep sales and service, which includes a supply of hard-to-find Jeep parts and accessories.